Essential Reports (3)

This is the 3rd and final of a small series of articles on the reports that are required to be carried out when selling / purchasing a house in France. The statutory French property surveys, collectively referred to as the Dossier de Diagnostic Technique (DDT).  The final report relates to Natural & Industrial risks.

Is a report on any perceived natural or industrial risks, called “risques naturels ou technologiques”, to which a property may be prone. It also includes a declaration by the seller on any previous insurance claims on the property relating to a natural disaster.

The report is required in those communes where there an existing risk prevention plan (un plan de prévention des risques naturels) in place, and additionally those areas classified as being at risk of seismic movement.

At the moment about 1/3 of France is affected, but it is envisaged that the whole country will be covered by this requirement eventually.

The report cannot be dated more than 6 months prior to the signing of the sale contract and must be updated if there are any changes in the designation of the area prior to completion.

The report must stipulate, for example, if the property is located in a flood zone, an area prone to earthquakes, major storms, avalanches, subject to ground movement, in close proximity to a dangerous factory, or in proximity to major routes where dangerous materials are transported.