Common mistakes

Mistake 1: You have poor photos to represent your home. One of the most important marketing tools you have at your disposal is the group of photos used for internet listings. Your  photos could be the primary factor when it comes to a buyer making a decision of whether or not to arrange an inspection. If you have amateur, blurry, or poor quality photos, typically taken with a mobile phone, this could drive buyers away.

What we do:

Optimise any high resolution photos before uploading them online.

Crop out irrelevant areas from your images.

Post photos using the correct orientation.

Include as many photos as possible, including both general shots and more specific images highlighting unique details of the property.

What we try to avoid:

Dark photos with drawn curtains and household clutter.

Photos of your pets.

Just small selection of photos of the home and then a single line of text for the details. (We lave that to your French agent).

Avoid photos which include a reflection.

Mistake 2: You have a bland, uninformative listing description. Although the listing's photos will probably be the factor that initially captures a buyer's attention, we can then reel them in with a captivating on-line description. We see this as an opportunity to state your case and tell the buyer why your home is right for their needs.

What we do:

Highlight any unique or interesting features in your property.

Show off how versatile your property is by describing the features in terms of potential function.

Use positive and varied adjectives to liven up the description.  

We try not to:

Neglect to include your home's selling points, and provide more than simply basic information.

 Mistake 3: You are tied down to traditional marketing methods. The world is changing, and you must keep up with it to make a successful sale. Stay on top of online marketing methods for a more well-rounded strategy.

What we do:

Think about creating a virtual tour. This provides viewers with a 360° view of some rooms in your property, creating extra interest. A virtual tour can put your home ahead of the competition immediately.

We use our French Property Blog, Facebook & You Tube channels as informal websites to promote your property, along with more formalised real estate listings sites.

We try not to:

Neglect using traditional marketing methods in favour of all new ones. Old methods can still be effective, making a combination of both the most efficient way to sell your home.

Stop advertising in magazines. Our advertorial features in the French property press reach a very wide audience..

Mistake 4: It's too difficult for buyers to view your property. Put yourself in the buyer's shoes and remember that they will need to take their time shopping around for a purchase as large as a new home. You'll want to make their lives easier by making it easy for them to view your property. This means making keys available to us if you are absent from the property etc. Otherwise, they will skip your property and go to your neighbour's instead.

We try to:

Be as flexible with viewing times as possible, so you will need to make yourself available for viewings.

Ask you to keep your home in a “buyer-ready” state. (Tidy,  free from clutter, ensuring that it is ready for viewings).

We try to give you notice before an inspection so that you have time to tidy up and make any last minute arrangements.

Have plans for keys or a lock box available at the property so that we can come and go when you are not available to show the home.

Viewing Don'ts:

Don't require more than 24 hours' notice for viewings.

Don't heavily restrict your house's viewing times.

What's next?  Your marketing strategy will be more effective if you are working with a top-notch agent. We are ready for your call.