Marketing your property

Marketing your property

We try to set ourselves above the standard offered by most Estate Agencies, and look forward to agreeing with you the best way that we can promote your property.

Ahead of our visit to your property, we would ask if you could make the following available please :

  • Your Acte de Vente (deeds) from when you purchased the property
  • A cadastral plan of the property (if available) showing the parcels of land included
  • Any planning permissions obtained (for extensions or swimming pools etc)
  • All diagnostic reports (DPE / Energy, other diagnostics, including a drainage report)

When we visit your property, we will draft a mandat de vente for the sale of the property, setting out the price net to you, and the fees to be charged by the agency, at the cost to the buyer.  

We will use a quality digital SLR camera, and also bring a memory stick so that we can use any photographs that you may wish to use, (exterior photos with blue sky etc). We will probably take a bit longer than other agents in preparing the photographs, and may even need a bit of help from you.

If you are already on the market with other agencies, we can review their success / failures to date and ensure that we offer the standards of service and feedback that you would expect.

Before we are able to legally market your property, we will need a copy of your DPE (energy report). This is the minimum diagnostic requirement at this stage, but we strongly encourage our vendors to obtain all diagnostic reports at the earliest opportunity. Experience has shown that leaving them until a sale has been agreed, as proposed by many agents, opens the door for a double series of negotiations for a sale. Often, buyers having agreed a purchase, will seek to renegotiate a deal if the reports reveal a problem with for example, a fosse septique, electrics etc.

We will give you honest feedback about your expectations about achieving your asking price. This will be based on experience of current market conditions, sales recently achieved, and the competition that your property will face against comparable properties.

We will also guide you as to whether you would be liable for any Capital Gains Tax, and provide you with a chart showing any potential liability. We will normally suggest that you discuss your situation if we suggest a liability   with your Notaire who can confirm the exact position. The rules regarding French CGT have changed significantly twice since 2000, the most recent change being effected in 2012 & 2013.

Before we leave, we will have agreed our strategy for marketing and the way that we prefer to conduct viewings, with the vendors present, but in the background, available to answer any questions that may arise. We will always allow plenty of time for an un-hurried viewing visit, and will normally be able to provide you with 48/72 hours notice of such a visit.