Allez-Français photos

Allez-Français photos

They say that first impressions last a lifetime, and this could very well be true when it comes to buyers laying eyes on the perfect family home for the first time. To increase the chances that a buyer will fall in love at first sight with your property, you'll need to “wow” them with a good first impression. Before buyers come to inspect a property they will first get these impressions from our listing photographs. As a result, these photographs are of the utmost importance, because they could be the deciding factor between a buyer deciding to come visit your home or not.

To help make this good first impression, you'll want to work with an experienced agent to highlight the finer details of your home. The agent should help you groom your home for photographs, and can give you sound advice to make a good first impression.

Additionally, some agencies will offer a professional photographer as a marketing option, with perhaps virtual tours, and some agents will take the photos themselves. Be sure to ask about whether or not photography services are offered when you're first comparing agents. If you are already on the market with an agency is the quality of these photographs satisfactory? Beware of agencies using portable phones or low quality digital cameras. We get better quality images, by using high quality SLR cameras, wide angle lenses, and tripods etc.  A good photographer will have state-of-the-art equipment to create the highest quality images, and can manipulate them during post-production to make them look clean, bright, and stylish.

Make a plan of the best property features that you wish to focus on. This is a good time to consult with your agent, who may have more advanced knowledge of which features in your home should be accentuated. These photographs are your first chance to set your property apart from this competition.


Some features to focus on could include bathrooms / en-suites, fireplaces, kitchens, vaulted cellars, terraces, balconies, and staircases. You'll want to get clear photographs of both the interior and exterior of your home. Yet before you begin, you'll also need to set up each scene to enhance your property and make sure it looks its best. This includes creating the right mood through lighting. Interior shots will normally benefit from turning on all the lights and drawing back curtains for a bright, sunny lighting effect.

Before we take any photographs, we suggest that you remove personal items from the shot and clean and tidy up each area thoroughly. Be sure to get rid of any unsightly rubbish or clutter, including toiletries and family photos. Evidence of pets, vases of dead flowers, or obvious stains should all be covered or removed. Small, seemingly insignificant details such as a folded-over rug can make or break our efforts. Yet at the same time there's no need to overdo it and make your rooms look cold or vacant. After you have cleared away clutter and cleaned the room, you can add props if desired. Setting the table with attractive dinnerware and wine glasses could invite viewers to imagine themselves throwing dinner parties, for example. Or you could place a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket by a chaise longue in your pool area to add a touch of luxury.

The following are a few tips for photographing each individual room:

Living Room: Because this is the part of the home where a family spends the majority of their time, be sure to create a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. You can move furniture around or remove it altogether, to create the desired effect.

Bedroom: This is also a very important part of the home. It's where the owner will begin and end each day, and should be a private and restful sanctuary. As you prepare your bedroom for the photo shoot ensure clothes are not visible, and the bed is impeccable. Buyers want to see a clean room, not your private items. We will try to highlight any special features, such as a stunning view out the window.

Kitchen & Dining Area: This is usually an area that can benefit from a little bit of extra cleaning before a photo shoot. Remove any detergents or other household cleaning products, and tidy away dirty dishes etc.  

Bathroom: Even a large bathroom can seem quite small in a photograph if shot from the wrong angle. We generally shoot from the corner of the room to get the right angle, and make the room look larger. We also have wide-angle lenses.

Shooting your home at sunset or during twilight can create a beautiful and evocative atmosphere, casting a warm and inviting glow. We can even consider shooting your photo at dusk with all of your lights on. This will create a stunning contrast between the brightly-lit house and the approach of evening.

The principles of exterior photography are the same as interior photography. You'll need to remove any clutter from the garden / terrace before you shoot, clearing away toys, hose pipes, and lawn mowers etc. Focus on details of interest such as garden statues or swimming pools, we try to angle our shots to avoid unsightly details like telephone poles or electrical pylons (although we do keep a shot for a reminder). Occasionally we may even try a different angle by climbing a ladder to shoot from a higher vantage point.

We try not to edit photos so much that they misrepresent your property. We include around 15 photos in our listings, but always have around 35-50 available for potential buyers.