How the Allez-Français team are different

We find that the key to a relaxed yet efficient time spent for you, is in the meticulous planning by us.

We take time to listen, to interpret your needs and to ensure that we follow your ‘brief’ as closely as possible, but keeping an open mind at the same time for something special.

We have all heard stories of asking for, say, “a restored farmhouse with pool” and then ending up being taken to a fallen down ruin! We understand that there is nothing more frustrating than wasting half a day seeing houses that an agent would have known was wrong for you had he only listened. * (Some agents who work with UK based agencies, often do not get the information needed passed on to them ahead of a visit).

We work with you to discover your dream French property. That means that we need to know what is on your “must have” list and equally, what we need to avoid. We also try to define more closely what you mean when you outline your brief. Rest assured, everyone has a very different interpretation of rural or isolated, for example.

We know our properties – we specialise in rural properties from classic stone country houses to character village hideaways.

We work hard to ensure that the homes we propose represent good properties, fairly priced and likely to appeal to our clients, and we will alert you to potential nuisances.

In preparation for your visit, we can arrange accommodation locally in hotels, Chambre d'hôtes or gîtes. We find that we achieve the best results when clients spend at least ½ day, and preferably a day with us visiting property. Because we are a relatively small agency, you are going to have continuity with us throughout your viewing visit. Nothing is more frustrating than arranging to view say 5 houses with a single agency to make things simpler, and then finding that you end up visiting those houses with different local agents.