Montignac 24290

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This is a very pretty village on the River Vézère is world famous for being home to the Lascaux caves. The river has attractive stone bridge and stylish balconied houses along the river front.

The main road in Montignac is "Rue de la Pègerie" with many C14th buildings which were once busy shops and homes to wealthy merchants. Many are half timbered buildings and No.1 is thought to have belonged to Jeanne d'Albret, the mother of king Henry IV of France.

During July Montignac is host to the Festival of Folklore de Montignac.

The Lascaux Caves really are worth a visit, the paintings are absolutely fabulous. The area's geological structure provides a setting where nature, too, has worked its magic - with magnificent crystallisations in the local caves and abysses creating the illusion of mineral forests. The great abundance, quality and variety of these concretions make the valley's natural cavities an enchanting underground world.

Lascaux reveals itself to you in a brand-new setting, Le Centre International de l’Art Pariétal. More than 8500m² of exhibition area, including a complete, unprecedented replica of the Lascaux prehistoric cave and 6 galleries tracing the history of its discovery, its place in the world's cave art, and its contemporary interpretation.

The nearby villages of Saint Amand de Coly and Saint Leon sur Vezere are two of France's classified "Plus Beaux Villages" and the Chateau de Losse just 5 km away, a small but charming castle in a pretty setting on the banks of the Vezere. Plenty of choice for bars & restaurants here also.