Investment / pensions advice / tax planning

Before you leave the UK and come to live in France, there is a unique opportunity to rearrange your Pensions & Investments. We work with the leading international tax and wealth management advisers to UK nationals living in Europe. With proper planning, it may be possible to improve the manner in which your pensions and investments are held, so that the end result is less tax being paid as a consequence of your move to France. We strongly believe that many people do not understand and make best use of their pension plans. We are sure that there are many opportunities being missed by people about to move to France, or already living here, or indeed returning to the UK. New pension plans such as QNUPS & QROPS have added a new range of opportunities to thousands of people.

The tax burden has increased, with wealthier residents of France being targeted in recent years. The Government has started taxing investment income at the same rates as employment income, removed the lower wealth tax rates, increased succession tax for children and imposed social charges on non-residents. Income is also subject to ‘social charges’, which are levied on top of income tax.

All this makes it more important than ever to take professional advice on your tax planning. It is still possible to take advantage of tax compliant opportunities to protect your assets from the various French taxes. With specialist guidance, our clients enjoy extremely favourable tax treatment on their capital investments and assets.

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