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Make sure you have proper cover

Nothing is more worrying than not being sure that you have the correct insurance cover in place. Relax and take advantage of this service, and have your policy schedules in English. Only then will you feel confident that the policy wordings really are what you think they are! If you have a holiday home you can obtain a quote on line. If you require another quote download the form via the site and fax the completed form to us.

Make sure you are aware of all of the requirements for your French policy, which can include having shutters fixed and closed, 3 way locks on windows and doors. What counts as a room and what isn't a room? It can be very confusing without the right advice. We have chosen preferred business partners to provide this service, which also extends to making claims where necessary. We hope that you don't need to, but at least, you'll have a helping hand if you do.

Today, more than 2000 agents operate in France, marketing insurance and financial products to individuals and companies. Amongst them, our agent in France has run his own business since 2000, and as a former manager in a UK bank, is specialised in relationships with English speaking clients. His experience has enabled him to measure precisely what English-speaking clients' expectations are, when they own or are buying property in France.

Our preferred insurer since we started in 2001 they now insure several thousand clients who have chosen to benefit from a full bilingual service. Policy updates and claims are handled in both languages by an Anglo-French team with over 15 years experience of bilingual customer service.

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Life Insurance

Your requirements for life insurance may differ to the UK. Most French lenders insist upon or automatically include life cover as part of their package. Depending upon your personal circumstances, additional cover may be required to mitigate against Inheritance Tax or negate succession problems.

Health Insurance

The French health system is very different to the UK. We are able to offer a variety of packages to provide you with the appropriate level of cover - this includes a top-up plan exclusively for residents of France. (C. M. U.)

Individuelle Scolaire

Protect your child at school in France with this simple and excellent value policy. Click here to download a document detailing the cover provided. An application form is also available on request.